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Cell Phone Forensics/Computer Forensics

We specialize in data extraction from all cell phones and computers.

Computer & Cell Phone Forensics Overview

DataChasers is a select, exclusive Computer Forensics and E-Discovery company. Our examiners find the evidence, interpret it, evaluate its importance, and articulate those facts to a jury. Computer and Cell Phone Forensics, and E-Discovery are our Core Focus.

We know you have a choice, and we appreciate your confidence in DataChasers for all of your e-discovery, computer and cellular forensic needs. We offer strategies, and provide alternatives so that you are aware of all your options, and can make a more informed decision.

We provide and initial evaluation at one rate regardless of hourly time/rate that includes a review of the initial reports, search warrants, written evidence and a consultation regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We welcome your inquiries about the process, or our procedures.

At DataChasers we specialize in the following:


  • Cell Phone and Device Forensics
  • Forensic Computer Examinations.
  • E-Discovery Exams for ESI (Electronically Stored Information).
  • All Civil & Criminal Cases.
  • Intellectual Property & Copyright.
  • Employment Law & Civil Rights cases.
  • Family Law.
  • HR cases.
  • Probate.


  • Experienced & Licensed Investigators.
  • Expert Witnesses.
  • Prior & Current Law Enforcement Examiners with Multiple Certifications.
  • High Tech State-Of-The-Art Laboratory Facility &Equipment.

Nothing Disappears Without A Trace!

  • Recover Critical Data.
  • E-Mail Recovery.
  • Internet History Tracing, Websites (URLs) Visited.
  • Deleted, Erased, or Hidden Files and Data.
  • Dates On All Files (Created, Accessed, Modified).
  • Litigation support, trial preparation, experienced expert witnesses, and professional courtroom displays.
  • Additional information on Computer Forensics.

We Find What They Left Behind!

  • Recover telephone call logs, to and from.
  • Recover email, sent and received.
  • Recover Text messages, sent and received.
  • Recover pictures from SMS and MMS messages.
  • Validate dates on all messages and data.
  • Additional information on Cell Phone Forensics.

Carpe DatumTM ...Seize the Data!

  • De-Duplication.
  • Bates Stamped Data.
  • Electronic (ESI) Production.
  • Turning paper hard-copy into searchable ESI, Bates stamped data.
  • Litigation support, trial preparation.
  • Additional information on E-Discovery.

If you're not totally satisfied with the forensic examination you are currently having done, feel free to call us at our toll-free number: 877-DataExam (877-328-2392).

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