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Data Recovery

DataChasers® offers you a full range of professional data recovery service options. We offer you top-shelf data recovery services at a reasonable price for all hard disk drive manufacturers. We offer standard and priority services to best suit the needs of our clients. In addition, we offer the fastest possible turnaround time. Below you will find our highly competitive prices.

Three Levels of In-Lab Data Recovery Services

1. Triage and Standard Data Recovery

Triage evaluation is only $250. Triage will determine how much data can be recovered, and allow us to provide you with a not-to-exceed (NTE) quote and turnaround time estimate (TAT). Our standard triage service is often faster than other data recovery companies' fastest service. This service includes a high-tech professional disk diagnosis, a complete analysis of the platters within the HDD, and allows us to prepare an accurate NTE estimate.

Final NTE pricing is based on estimated time required for completion (sans extenuating circumstances), and considers the size of the HDD (hard disk drive). For example, data recovery on a 40GB HDD will be $550-$1,700; a 120GB HDD is $550-$2,200; however, the average cost* is in the mid-range of these estimates.

Most cases using our standard service have a turnaround time of five business days once approved and the media received. This depends on the severity of the data loss situation. When the recovery is finished, the data is shipped via Federal Express. Please call us for more details.

*Prices do not include cost of materials or shipping.

2. Emergency Triage and Recovery

Emergency Triage Evaluation: $300* Cost: $250 per hour, with NTE (Not To Exceed) cap.

A one-time charge of $300 pushes your case to the top of our list. A complete diagnostic data recovery evaluation will begin immediately after receiving the disk(s). Data Recovery Engineers will then be assigned around the clock (24/7) until your data is recovered. After the evaluation you will receive a not-to-exceed (NTE) quote and turnaround estimate. Most priority recoveries have a same day or next day turnaround (single disk, plus shipping times). Once completed, the data is returned via FedEx Priority Overnight.

*Due to high demand, this service may not always available.

3. Do-Over Recovery Service

Triage Evaluation: $350. Cost: variable, not-to-exceed quote provided with evaluation

For cases that have already been attempted by another data recovery service, or when the seal on your hard drive has been broken, DataChasers® offers our customers a unique opportunity to have their data recovered when others have failed. In many cases, we have recovered data from hard drives that have been declared "unrecoverable" by another entity. We believe that many "unrecoverable" hard drives are recoverable with the right technology, and we will make every attempt to recover your critical data. Since more cost is involved, this special service does not include a no data, no charge guarantee, but we do guarantee we will do everything in our power to earn your future business.

HARD DRIVE DESTRUCTION SERVICE: Professionals frequently need to upgrade their computers, or for other reasons dispose of hard drives ("HDDs") that contain sensative client/patient information. For a nominal fee, DataChasers will forensically wipe all data, then destroy the internal HDD platters rendering all data completely gone...guaranteed. And we will confirm the process to you in writing.

Call us toll-free at: 1-877-DataExam (1-877-328-2392)

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