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DataChasers, Inc Overview

DataChasers® is a small, exclusive professional company, catering to the needs of the legal community; however, we also provide service to major corporations and the individual, private client.

Our Team

The DataChasers team includes eight (8) full- and part-time professionals, plus draws on an expanded cadre of experts as needed, with specialized skills outside the normal realm of computer forensics, such as forensic accountants. All examiners hold multiple certifications specific to computer forensics. We provide expert witness testimony, professional litigation support, and training.

Why DataChasers?

Incorporated in 1999, the DataChasers trademark has become synonymous with attention to detail and examinations tailored to the needs of the individual client.

Attention to detail and an extraordinary service level to each individual client is what sets DataChasers apart from other similar service companies. Our list of clients speaks for itself.

DataChasers offices are located in the heart of the business district in Riverside, California; however, we allow generous travel considerations, and many of our cases are from areas quite remote from our central offices. FedEx and Southwest Air have made this a very small world indeed, and we currently have cases in many areas of the southwestern U.S.

Get in Touch

We know that you have a choice, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Regardless of your decision, we wish you well with the case, and please be assured that you can always contact our forensic experts at 877-328-2392 for any questions or concerns.

Full Case Support from Data Collection to Cloud-Based Document Review