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Our Expert Data Recovery Certifications in Los Angeles

NOTE: Designation as an expert witness or other Section 2034 purposes requires a signed and funded DataChasers® Attorney’s Retainer Agreementor Service Agreement.

Matthew Albee


  • CFCE – Certified Forensic Computer Examiner – International Association of Computer Investigative
  • Specialists
  • IACIS Certified Forensic Computer Examiner Program Coach/Trainer.
  • IACIS Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist.
  • EnCE – EnCase Certified Examiner – Guidance Software
  • SCERS – Small Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center,
  • Department of Homeland Security.


  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Computer Certificate – California Baptist University.

Professional Affiliations/Memberships

  • ACFS (Association of Certified Fraud Specialists),
  • BAR ASSOCIATION, Riverside County, California,
  • CALI (California Association of Licensed Investigators),
  • FEWA (Forensic Expert Witness Association),
  • HTCC (High Technology Crime Consortium),
  • HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigation Association),
  • IACIS (International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists)

Law Enforcement Background; Computer Forensics Case Experience

  • Twenty years computer forensic experience with DataChasers, Inc. Current position includes roles as project manager and lead examiner on computer forensic and e-discovery cases.
  • Twenty years of law enforcement experience where I equipped and maintained the computer forensic laboratory, and conducted investigations that involved financial and computer crimes.
  • Course Evaluator/Subject Matter Expert – Office of Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA), Diplomatic Security Service, United States Department of State – 2012-Current
  • Cyber Forensics Course Instructor – Office of Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA), Diplomatic Security Service, United States Department of State – 2012-Current
  • Evaluate high tech/cyber courses provided to foreign governments by the ATA. Provide recommendations and guidance as to course content, delivery, and topic relevance.
  • My experience with computer forensics runs the gamut from individual PCs to major corporations(references available), and includes every level and scope of examination. I have consulted to both public and private organizations, and maintain a complete computer forensics laboratory. I have extensive litigation experience as an expert witness, and have testified for both civil and criminal cases.
Full Case Support from Data Collection to Cloud-Based Document Review