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Training on Computer Forensics in Los Angeles & Orange County

Training and Presentations

California State Bar approved MCLE presentations for MCLE credits.

Computer Forensics

(Offered in various length presentations, please see below). A partial list of presentations is provided below. DataChasers founder, Rick Albee, has lectured at home and abroad, and has published numerous articles on computer forensics and related topics.

Losing Your Intellectual Property?
Here’s Why.

An epidemic of IP theft plagues the business community. DataChasers specializes in computer examinations for suspected IP theft, industrial espionage, the fraud associated with these acts, and the methods used to prevent such loss. This presentation zeros in on the awareness and prevention of compromised intellectual property.

Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Computer Forensics 101 Presentations

Each presentation targets the specific genre. Attendees have regularly given these presentations the highest ratings across the board. The presentations vary in length from one-and-a-half hours to four hours.

Presenting Electronic Evidence at Court

How to organize evidence, create displays, and present to a jury in an understandable manner the discovery of computer evidence.

Expert Witnesses

How to Be One; How to Know One; How to Find One

Rick Albee has served as the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) Orange County District VP, and as a representative to the State Board. He has testified numerous times as an expert witness in multiple jurisdictions.

DataChasers® offers variable length presentations for your organization, to accommodate any time parameters. Currently, varying levels of instruction are offered on Computer Forensics, and Expert Witness Testimony (DataChasers® currently holds state and local board positions on the Forensic Expert Witness Association):


  • A one-hour Introduction to Computer Forensics; what it is, when do you need it, preservation of data (evidence), with examples drawn from case studies.
  • Is Your IP Escaping? The epidemic of Intellectual Property theft effects all levels of business…theft of trade secrets has moved from dumpster-diving to hacking electronic data, often without ever being detected. This presentation zeros in on the awareness and prevention of compromised intellectual property.
  • An entertaining two-hour learning-experience on the Essentials of Computer Forensics, to include what can be retrieved from the computer, and what cannot; when to call in an expert; understanding the need for computer forensics, and an overview of sample cases.
  • A three-hour Advanced Computer Forensics presentation designed to equip the novice computer user with a knowledge of forensic evidence they can uncover without special training, tools or software (recommended length is three+ hours; see: Presentations).
  • Expert Witnesses: How To Be One; How To Know One; How To Find One This presentation can be integrated into any of the above length presentations or given as an independent presentation.
The Goal of Each Presentation Is
  • To identify who the work is for…the Client!
  • When to make the call…how to tell when you need computer forensics.
  • When to involve counsel.
  • What we can get from the computer, and Why we can get it.
  • What nobody can get from the computer.
  • Impart a little bit of techy stuff…not too much.
  • Give real-case examples/samples (war stories…everybody loves them).
  • Have attendees retain the information because they have enjoyed the presentation.
A Selected List of Presentations Includes
  • ISMA (International Security Management Association) State Conference, San Diego, CA.
  • CFLS (Certified Family Law Specialists) of San Diego, CA.
  • ·MasterCard® and EuroPay® International Fraud Management Conference, Dublin, Ireland.
  • APRI-NCPCA (American Prosecutors Research Institute–National Center For Prosecution of Child Abuse), Washington, D.C., Santa Fe NM.
  • CALI (California Association of Licensed Investigators), multiple State Conferences and numerous chapter training meetings.
  • ASIS (American Society For Industrial Security), numerous chapter training meetings.
  • PIHRA (Professionals in Human Resources Association), State Conference and numerous chapter training meetings.
  • PICA (Professional Investigators of California) State Conference and chapter meetings.
  • SCFIA (Southern California Fraud Investigators Association) multiple State Conferences.
  • University of California and Cal-State Fullerton seminars on computer forensics.
Full Case Support from Data Collection to Cloud-Based Document Review