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Contact DataChasers, Inc in Los Angeles for Forensic Computing



Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 6 PM

Cyber Crime Investigation in Los Angeles

Nowadays, digital evidence is just as important as physical evidence, if not more important. When you’ve hit a dead-end and think that no more data can be retrieved, think again. DataChasers, Inc. of Los Angeles is the computer forensic investigator you need to perform thorough cyber crime investigation for you. We have experience with complex investigations and assist you in gathering the evidence to sure win your case.

About Us

All of our staff members are experts at forensic data recovery. They have many years of experience in public sector law enforcement at both state and local levels. We make sure that all our team members in cyber crime investigation are well-certified by recognized training disciplines. We believe that focusing on your needs is the most important thing, in addition to our ability to network globally.


DataChasers, Inc. specializes in many forensic data recovery services such as cellular forensics, computer forensics, e-discovery expert, witness testimony, and training in cyber crime investigation. You can count on us to recover data that you previously thought to be lost forever. We can quickly turn a dead-end case into an open-and-shut one.


Having established ourselves over 18 years ago, our company has made and maintained a stellar reputation in the local community as the premier computer forensic investigator that everyone wants to utilize. We have consistent 5-star ratings from multiple previous clients. Take a look here to see what they have to say about our services.


Our experts here at DataChasers, Inc. have a number of training and certifications qualifications under their belt, as well as professional affiliations and memberships. They are also familiar with law enforcement as they have backgrounds in computer forensics case experience. Here you can find the CVs of each member of our team.

Get the digital data evidence to win your case now: 877-328-2392