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Forensic Cell Phone and Computer Data Recovery

Learn the Truth; Eliminate Surprises; Win More Cases

DataChasers is Southern California’s premier forensic data recovery firm. With prior law enforcement experience, we are proud to be Certified Forensic Computer Examiners who have years of experience performing complex investigations and providing court testimony for thousands of clients. Our data recovery team provides the following services:

Cellular Forensics

Depending on the type of phone, we can gather comprehensive data from the device. We can track and collect call logs of incoming and outgoing calls, contact lists, text messages, emails, photos, voicemails, calendar information, documents, app data, and much more.

Computer Forensics

Our computer forensics services include recovering deleted documents, pictures, and other electronically stored information including the date codes on all files recovered. Additionally, we can trace internet activity and downloads. This information can be crucial in trial preparation, litigation, intellectual property cases, criminal law, and more.

E-Discovery Expert

We are pleased to offer our clients a full menu of e-discovery services including the retrieval of electronically stored information, turning hard-copy papers into searchable ESI, developing extensive litigation and trial strategies, and more.


Our team offers several workshops and presentations covering topics such as computer forensics, criminal defense, family law and computer forensics, presenting electronic evidence at court, or find expert witnesses. These comprehensive training presentations give real case examples and provide time-tested knowledge backed by decades of experience.

Full Case Support from Data Collection to Cloud-Based Document Review